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Our gamma of single-sided squaring machine and double-end tenoner machines

The heart of FRIULMAC production

For Friulmac, the heart of their production lies in mono and bilateral squaring machines for panel processing. This focus has earned them international recognition for the quality and efficiency of their solutions.

Their extensive experience has positioned them as a leader in the production of squaring machines, handling materials ranging from solid wood to MDF and even plastic panels. Continuous innovation remains their driving force, ensuring they consistently offer the market cutting-edge solutions.

Friulmac machines are known for their reliability, ease of installation, and user-friendliness. This is why countless customers turn to them when seeking robust and productive double squaring machines. Regardless of your production needs, they are dedicated to providing simple yet innovative solutions, balancing top-tier quality with cost-efficiency. Their collaborative approach ensures they find the tailored solution that perfectly meets your specific requirements.

Friulmac double squaring machines allow for optimized panel processing and trimming with precise cuts. Their commitment to meticulous attention to detail guarantees exact dimensions every time. Furthermore, the advanced technology integrated into their machines extends beyond the basic functionalities, offering a comprehensive solution that aids in quickly and effectively resolving any production challenges.

By choosing Friulmac, you are not just acquiring a machine; you are partnering with a company dedicated to excellence, innovation, and exceeding your expectations in panel processing.

Single-side squaring machines

Our most flexible, single-sided squaring machines that is ideal for small batches. It meets the requirements of medium-sized and large companies for flexibility when squaring panels of different formats.
It allow you to process batch easily and efficiently as it is designed to minimize space requirements, costs and impact on the factory.

Double-end squaring machines

Our gamma of double-end tenoners a double side squaring machines are characterised by an solid structure and technological devices that allow high production performance and great variability in terms of machine configurability and machining dimensions.
It is possible to carry out many machining operations on a wide range of materials of wooden and non-wood panels like fibre cement, rock/glass wool, insulating materials ecc.

Crosswise & Lenghtwise line

Our range of square line which enables squaring operations to be carried out using a single system, on both the transverse and longitudinal sides of a panel. These reliable, high-performance squaring machines deliver high levels of productivity.
All our production lines are highly customizable by the customer through the wide range of options available.

Why choose a squaring machines from FRIULMAC?

Friulmac’s double-end tenoners are the perfect marriage of power and precision. They tackle a diverse range of materials, from solid wood to composite panels, with ease. Their modular design allows for customization, ensuring the machine adapts to your specific needs. From tenoning and squaring to shaping and grooving, these machines offer a comprehensive suite of operations.

Unwavering accuracy and rock-solid stability guarantee consistent, high-quality results, year after year. Whether you operate a small workshop or a larger production line, Friulmac offers standalone and integrated solutions to seamlessly fit your workflow.




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