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Moulder Feeders

Pioneering efficiency in Automatic double cross cut moulder feeders

Automatic double cross cut moulder feeders

FRIULMAC takes pride in its industry-leading moulder feeders, renowned for their exceptional performance and ability to streamline production workflows. These innovative machines go beyond standard offerings, becoming the cornerstone of a stable and reliable production chain.

Unmatched Versatility: FRIULMAC feeders excel at handling raw pieces of various dimensions, ensuring smooth material flow from the outset. But their capabilities extend further – they can also perform in-line trimming and cutting to size before feeding the moulder. This eliminates the need for separate cutting stations, saving valuable production time and floor space.

Engineered for Efficiency: FRIULMAC’s moulder feeders are meticulously designed for simplicity and high productivity. This translates to easy operation and minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus on maximizing output. Their modest investment provides unmatched value by significantly boosting your production capacity.

A Legacy of Innovation:

FRIULMAC’s dedication to moulder feeder development began with a clear vision: to create an automated loading solution for solid wood, MDF, and plastic profiles. Leveraging over four decades of experience, FRIULMAC introduces the DUALFEED and DUALFEED-PLUS – the next generation of moulder feeders. These innovative solutions seamlessly combine the strengths of their predecessors, further enhancing performance and quality.

Automatic double cross cut moulder feeders


The automatic double cross cut moulder feeder DUALFEED seamlessly combines cutting and feeding functionalities, eliminating the need for separate equipment. This translates to twice the performance for a remarkably low cost.

The DUALFEED prioritizes both. It flawlessly cuts workpieces to precise dimensions before automatically feeding them into your moulder. This streamlined workflow maximizes your moulder’s production speed while minimizing downtime for tool sharpening.

The DUALFEED‘s versatility extends to any type of moulder. Its stepless feeding feature ensures seamless integration with your existing machinery. Furthermore, the machine boasts minimal maintenance requirements, further simplifying your operation.

The next generation of automatic double cross cut moulder feeders


The new DUALFEED generation raises the bar on performance. It offers increased flexibility and versatility, making it ideal for a wider range of applications. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the DUALFEED-PLUS delivers significant improvements in both productivity and precision when processing raw materials.

While the machine boasts a vertically adjustable loader for effortless loading and unloading, its capabilities extend far beyond this basic functionality. A wide range of optional features are available to further enhance its performance and cater to specific production needs. Engineered for exceptional versatility, the DUALFEED-PLUS seamlessly integrates with any type of moulder. Its stepless feeding mechanism further enhances its adaptability, while minimal maintenance requirements ensure ease of use.

Why Choose a Moulder Infeed from FRIULMAC?

In today’s fast-paced woodworking environment, optimizing production is paramount. FRIULMAC, a leader in the industry with over 60 years of experience, delivers innovative and reliable moulder infeeds designed to streamline your operation. FRIULMAC infeeds leverage advanced sensors and control systems to ensure flawlessly aligned and consistent lumber feeding. This minimizes errors and waste, leading to significantly boosted output with their impressive feeding speeds. The robust design and adaptability handle diverse lumber dimensions, thicknesses, and types with ease.

More Than Just Equipment: A Trusted Partnership

Choosing FRIULMAC is an investment in a trusted industry leader. Their team of experts offers:

  • Expert Consultation: Personalized guidance to select the perfect infeed, configured to flawlessly match your production needs and moulder capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Training: Thorough training for your operators ensures they can utilize the infeed safely and effectively.
  • Dedicated After-Sales Support: Ongoing support includes access to spare parts, technical assistance, and software updates to keep your infeed running smoothly.

By partnering with FRIULMAC, you gain more than just a machine. You gain a commitment to optimizing your woodworking efficiency and ensuring the long-term success of your operation.




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