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Our handling systems, a wide range of solutions for the wood industry.

Dedicated handling systems for workflow optimization

A handling systems in the wood industry is crucial for efficiently and safely moving wood materials throughout the production process. Friulmac stands out as a provider of comprehensive handling solutions for a wide range of products. Our expertise allows us to understand the specific needs of each customer and propose customized solutions that optimize efficiency and productivity.

We recognize that every company has different automation requirements. For this reason, Friulmac offers both semi-automatic and fully automated lines, adapting to the desired level of automation and the required production capacity.

Friulmac’s semi-automatic lines combine the efficiency of manual labor with the assistance of automated handling systems for specific operations. This configuration is ideal for companies that want to optimize production while maintaining a degree of manual control.

For companies that demand the highest level of automation and productivity, Friulmac designs and builds fully automated lines. These lines integrate robots, machine vision systems, and other cutting-edge technologies to ensure a continuous and precise workflow.

Conveyor belt or roller handling systems

Friulmac offers a comprehensive range of conveyor systems designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. From simple conveyor lines to complex automated sorting systems, our company provides customized solutions for any application.

Return-to-operator systems are ideal for streamlining work operations and reducing cycle times. These systems automatically transport processed parts from the output of a machine to the operator’s workstation, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted workflow.

Inter-machine transport systems automatically connect multiple machines within a production line, creating a smooth and automated workflow. These handling systems eliminate the need for manual part handling, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing the overall efficiency of the production process.

Standard machinery loading and unloading handling systems

Friulmac provides a comprehensive range of handling systems dedicated to loading and unloading wood pieces for processing on machinery, ensuring an efficient and safe workflow. Our customized solutions perfectly adapt to the specific needs of each customer, optimizing the productivity and flexibility of the production line.

Friulmac offers bespoke loading and unloading solutions to meet the unique requirements of every client. We meticulously consider factors such as:

  • Type of wood pieces to be handled
  • Dimensions and weight of the pieces
  • Required production capacity
  • Integration with existing woodworking machinery

Loading and unloading portals: optimizing material flow in multi-stream production

Loading and unloading portals are automated transfer systems typically comprised of a rigid structural frame, a horizontal or vertical traversing carriage, and an end effector (gripper or platform) for gripping and manipulating wood elements. These handling systems bridge the gap between different production streams, enabling the precise transfer of materials between processes.

Advantages of loading and unloading portals:

  • Enhanced efficiency:  eliminating manual intervention results in increased productivity and throughput.
  • Flexibility and scalability: portals can be customized to accommodate various item sizes, weights, and configurations.
  • Precise positioning: The programmable control systems of portals ensure accurate and repeatable positioning of materials, reducing the risk of errors and product damage.
  • Integration with existing systems: Portals seamlessly integrate with existing conveyor lines, robots, and other automation equipment, creating a cohesive production flow.

Collaborative robots: revolutionizing elements handling in the woodworking industry

In the woodworking industry, the manual handling of wooden components of varying weights and dimensions is a physically demanding and repetitive task, potentially exposing workers to injury and fatigue risks. Collaborative robots, or cobots, have emerged as an innovative and advantageous solution to automate and optimize this process, offering numerous benefits in terms of efficiency, safety, and flexibility.

Cobots can be employed for a wide range of woodworking material handling tasks, including loading and unloading elements, palletizing, and finished product handling. Their adaptability enables integration into diverse workflows and handling of materials of various shapes and sizes.

Why choose FRIULMAC as your partner for your woodworking machinery and its handling?

With decades of experience, Friulmac offers unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacturing of woodworking machinery.  We translate this knowledge into solutions that perfectly complement your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and output.

Friulmac goes beyond just machinery. We recognize that efficient elements handling is the backbone of a smooth production process.  Our integrated solutions, encompassing everything from loading and unloading portals to customized conveyor systems, ensure a continuous flow of wood pieces throughout your workshop. This translates to reduced downtime, minimized manual labor, and ultimately, a significant boost in overall production capacity.

Choosing Friulmac is about more than just acquiring woodworking machinery. It’s about establishing a long-term partnership with a company dedicated to your success.  Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design a customized woodworking solution that optimizes your entire production process, from material handling to the final product.




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