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Our gamma of double-end tenoner profiling machines for flooring production

Pioneering tenoners for exceptional flooring production

Friulmac’s expertise in the woodworking sector shines through their core product: double-end tenoners profiling machines for flooring production. These machines are not just a single offering, but a testament to their extensive experience in the industry.

One of the standout applications of these tenoners is in the production of solid wood, and veneered wood flooring. However, Friulmac takes innovation a step further by offering a unique feature in their tenoners: angle processing, also known as Chevron. This capability sets them apart from the competition.

Friulmac understands the diverse needs of flooring production. Whether you work with parquet, engineered or solid wood, our flexible and efficient solutions ensure you meet all your requirements.

Continuous technological advancements drive the development of their flooring production machinery. Designed for both lengthwise and crosswise processing of various materials, these machines guarantee the highest quality and precision in your final product.

Versatility is a hallmark of Friulmac’s offerings. They cater to a wide range of materials, dimensions, shapes, and profiles, and even provide customized solutions to tailor machines specifically to your needs.

Entry level double-end cut profiling machine


Entry level double-end cut profiling machine specifically designed for processing solid wood or parquet elements, making it ideal for workshops and manufacturers looking to optimize their production workflow.

The machine offers versatility, handling both solid wood and parquet  components.

Automatic double-end cut profiling machine


For manufacturers seeking to optimize their parquet production, a high performance automatic double end cut profiling machine specifically designed for 90° crosswise processing can boost your efficiency. This innovative machinery offers a powerful solution for handling both solid wood and multi-layer parquet.

High performance automatic double end cut profiling machines prioritize not only speed but also exceptional precision. The advanced engineering of these machines ensures consistent and accurate cuts, minimizing waste and maximizing the quality of the finished parquet product.

Double-end tenoners for flooring production


Our wide range of double-end tenoners for flooring covers all areas of application for profiling flooring elements. With the double-sided machines, you can produce your flooring elements at 90° with the highest accuracy for every profile type.

Lengthwise and crosswise for flooring production


Our range of double-end tenoners include solution for processes the work-piece lenghtwise and crosswise.

Standalone solution, where a single double-end tenoners includes all the technological solutions to execute the lengthwise and crosswise processing by passing flooring elements through the machine twice.

In line solution, where the first double-end tenoners processes the elements lengthwise and the second one crosswise, both fittingly equipped with a conveyor and a linking transfer.

Random length flooring production


A range of compact and versatile profiling machine for the end matching of parquet elements with random length.

An innovative technology that permits the processing of any kind of profile on both ends of flooring elements with random length.

Random length flooring production


The RANDOMAX EVO isn’t just a profiling machine – it’s the perfect end matcher for random length parquet elements. This industry-leading solution is designed specifically for random flooring. It performs trimming and profiling of random length elements in solid or multilayer wood.

The RANDOMAX EVO boasts incredible versatility. Choose from a range of configurable working units, including cutting, profiling, and upper and lower scoring, to perfectly match your specific production requirements. The result? A finished product that exceeds expectations, every single time.

Random length flooring production


Create stunning, random-length solid wood or multilayer parquet flooring with ease. Our machine boasts a production capacity of up to 40 pieces per minute, allowing you to meet any project demand efficiently. Plus, we offer complete customization to match your specific design needs, ensuring a truly unique and personalized floor for every project.

Double-end tenoners for elements with different angle


Our range of advanced double-end tenoners machine for the production of Point de Hongrie (Chevron). Flexible solution with high productivity for 90° parquet or angle processing (from ±30° to ±52°) thanks to a high degree of automation, this machine is very efficient and easy to use.

Why choose a flooring plant from FRIULMAC?

From the small workshop to the high-volume industrial facility, Friulmac equips your flooring production with the solutions you need. Whether you require a simple, efficient machine or a fully automated, high-performance plant, our comprehensive portfolio caters to all scales.

Friulmac’s “Made in Italy” technology and extensive experience in woodworking machinery combine to offer cutting-edge solutions. Our products empower you to compete effectively with larger players on the international market, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage of your flooring production process.




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