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Our edge foil machines, customize solutions from small batch to large scale production.

Edge foil machines

Revolutionize your woodworking with the unparalleled precision and flexibility offered by our comprehensive range of edge foil machines. From basic setups for smaller operations to fully automated machining centers catering to high-volume production, we have the perfect solution to elevate your edge processing.

Our machines are meticulously crafted with superior-quality components, ensuring unwavering precision in every aspect of edge processing. This translates to consistently stunning results, whether you’re working with straight, profiled, or even special parts.

We go beyond simply applying heat and foil. Our machines incorporate advanced technology to facilitate complete workpiece processing. This includes:

  • Enhanced equipment for drilling: Create precise and secure joints with our robust drilling capabilities.
  • Gluing solutions: Achieve seamless and durable bonds with our integrated gluing systems.
  • Dowel insertion: Ensure strong, reliable connections with our efficient doweling functionalities.

Our edge foil machines are designed to be the foundation for your ideal system. With optional, you can seamlessly customize each machine to perfectly align with your specific needs and project requirements. This ensures you only invest in the features that truly matter to your workflow, maximizing both efficiency and return on investment. Complete your workflow with our edge banding machines or our cross-cut solutions.

Small batch standalone edge foiler


Our hot foiling solutions excel in small-batch production, ensuring high-precision processing for straight workpieces. But their capabilities extend far beyond: they offer remarkable versatility for handling profiled and even specialty pieces.

Double the Efficiency: Maximize your output with the ability to process two workpieces simultaneously. This innovative feature significantly boosts production efficiency, ideal for just-in-time manufacturing environments.

Unmatched Material Compatibility: The machine effortlessly accommodates a wide variety of hot stamping foils, allowing you to achieve diverse aesthetic effects on your products.

Ideal Applications:

This versatile solution is perfectly suited for a range of applications, including:

  • Rails
  • Frame parts
  • Furniture fronts
  • Other furniture components

Boost efficiency with high-performance edge foil machine


Our innovative hot-foiling solutions empower you with efficient double-sided processing. This technology utilizes an automated through-feed system, ensuring smooth and flawless application of foil to both sides of your workpieces. This solution excels at handling narrow parts like rails, stiles, plinths, and other furniture components. The machine meticulously machines workpiece ends, guaranteeing clean and accurate foil application, even on delicate pieces.

Engineered for the highest performance, this hot-foiling machine boasts a high degree of individualization. We can tailor the machine to your specific production needs, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.

We offer a wide range of options to perfectly suit your production volume and complexity. This allows us to provide a complete solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing lines, maximizing your efficiency and production potential.

Why choose FRIULMAC as your edge foiling partner?

When it comes to edge foil, precision and quality are paramount. At FRIULMAC, we understand that your edges are more than just finishing touches. That’s why we don’t just offer edge foil machines; we offer tailored solutions that empower you to achieve exceptional results, every time.

FRIULMAC is at the forefront of hot stamping technology, constantly pushing boundaries with cutting-edge advancements. Our machines are built with superior components and meticulous engineering, ensuring unwavering reliability and performance.

We offer a diverse range of hot stamping machines, from entry-level options for small workshops to fully automated machining centers for high-volume production. But we don’t stop there. Each machine can be seamlessly customized with optional equipment enhancements, allowing you to create a system that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and workflow.




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