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Our gamma of edge banding machines, solutions from small batch to large scale production.

High-performance edge banding machines

Friulmac caters to the full spectrum of end capping needs, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance edge banding machines. Our solutions seamlessly adapt to your production environment, from top-of-the-line CNC machines ideal for small batches to fully automated machining centers suited for large-scale production.

These edge banding machines serve as the foundation for an optimized system design. Friulmac empowers you to further tailor each machine to your specific requirements through a variety of optional equipment enhancements. This ensures a perfect fit for your workflow and maximizes production efficiency.

Unwavering precision is paramount in achieving flawless end results. Friulmac prioritizes this by incorporating superior-quality components throughout our entire product line. The result? Consistent excellence in all aspects of edge processing, regardless of workpiece complexity. Our machines handle a wide range of materials, from profiled and shaped pieces to specialty parts, with remarkable versatility.

Furthermore, Friulmac offers enhanced equipment specifically designed for formatting, shaping, and drilling. This allows for complete workpiece processing within a single, streamlined system, minimizing production steps and maximizing throughput.

Invest in Friulmac’s end capping solutions and experience the perfect blend of versatility, precision, and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our machinery can elevate your production capabilities.

Small batch standalone edgebander machine


This stand-alone machine is purpose-built for efficient and precise stile edgebanding. Its robust design, featuring a heavy-duty base with a two-stile loading capacity per cycle, maximizes production throughput.

The machine prioritizes quality with a pre-milling group and an external fence for ensuring clean cut finishes and accurate workpiece dimensions. For versatility, it boasts two independent working units: the first dedicated to pre-milling and edgebanding applications, while the second houses a powerful and rapid 3-axis unit specifically designed for chamfering tasks.

This all-in-one solution empowers manufacturers to achieve high-quality stile edgebanding and chamfering in a single, streamlined workflow, optimizing production efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Boost efficiency with high-performance edgebander machine


Double-sided perfection meets efficient processing with our high-performance edge banding machines. These machines excel at handling narrow workpieces, including rails, stiles, plinths, furniture fronts, and more. Automated through-feed ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, while the robust design guarantees precise machining of even the trickiest workpiece ends.

This machinery is specifically engineered for top performance. We prioritize a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the edge banding machine perfectly to your unique production needs. This ensures optimal results and seamless integration into your existing workflow.

Why FRIULMAC should be your edge banding partner?

When it comes to edge banding, choosing the right machine is crucial for achieving flawless results and streamlined production. While options abound, FRIULMAC stands out with its commitment to precision, innovation, and a collaborative partnership approach. Here’s why:

FRIULMAC edge banding machines are meticulously crafted with robust components and cutting-edge technology. This translates to:

  • Seamless edge application: Experience consistent, high-quality edge banding, free of defects and imperfections.
  • Precise material handling: Advanced feeding systems ensure accurate positioning and optimal material utilization.
  • Durable, long-lasting results: Your edges will withstand wear and tear, maintaining their pristine look for years to come.




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