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Scalable drilling solutions: from batch one to high-volume production

Expanding production possibilities: Introducing FRIULMAC BRIDGES

We understand that drilling needs vary greatly across the woodworking industry. From small-scale shops to high-volume production lines, our diverse range of drilling machines caters to every scenario. Whether you require standalone units, unattended operations, or seamlessly integrated plant solutions, Friulmac has the perfect drilling machine to optimize your workflow.

But our commitment goes beyond just basic drilling. Friulmac drilling solutions are designed for versatility. By incorporating a wide array of modular units, these machines can be customized to tackle a multitude of tasks beyond simple hole creation. T-nut insertion, grooving, cutting – these are just a few examples of the additional functionalities that can be seamlessly integrated into your drilling process. This level of adaptability empowers you to achieve maximum efficiency and tackle a wider range of woodworking applications with a single machine.

By investing in a Friulmac drilling machine, you gain more than just drilling power. You gain a scalable solution that adapts to your evolving production needs, maximizes efficiency through its versatility, and empowers you to explore new woodworking possibilities. Explore our range of drilling solutions today and discover how Friulmac can help you achieve precision, efficiency, and unmatched production flexibility.

Customize your workflow with bridge

Vertical and horizontal bridge

The woodworking industry is constantly evolving, demanding innovative solutions that optimize space, improve efficiency, and cater to diverse processing needs. Vertical and horizontal bridge redefine the way we approach woodworking projects.

This innovative design offers several key advantages:

  • can be equipped with a wide range of working units, including saws, drills, sanding units, and more. This allows you to handle an entire workflow, on one machine.
  • are designed to be integrated with existing machinery. Alternatively, they can function as standalone units, offering a complete solution for smaller workshops or specific projects.
  • bridges machines offer ultimate adaptability. Build your ideal workstation by choosing and arranging the working units that perfectly match your project requirements, maximizing your workflow efficiency.

Boost efficiency with high-performance hot stamping


Our innovative hot-foiling solutions empower you with efficient double-sided processing. This technology utilizes an automated through-feed system, ensuring smooth and flawless application of foil to both sides of your workpieces. This solution excels at handling narrow parts like rails, stiles, plinths, and other furniture components. The machine meticulously machines workpiece ends, guaranteeing clean and accurate foil application, even on delicate pieces.

Engineered for the highest performance, this hot-foiling machine boasts a high degree of individualization. We can tailor the machine to your specific production needs, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow.

We offer a wide range of options to perfectly suit your production volume and complexity. This allows us to provide a complete solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing lines, maximizing your efficiency and production potential.

Why choose FRIULMAC as your Hot Stamping partner?

When it comes to hot stamping, precision and quality are paramount. At FRIULMAC, we understand that your edges are more than just finishing touches. That’s why we don’t just offer hot stamping machines; we offer tailored solutions that empower you to achieve exceptional results, every time.

FRIULMAC is at the forefront of hot stamping technology, constantly pushing boundaries with cutting-edge advancements. Our machines are built with superior components and meticulous engineering, ensuring unwavering reliability and performance.

We offer a diverse range of hot stamping machines, from entry-level options for small workshops to fully automated machining centers for high-volume production. But we don’t stop there. Each machine can be seamlessly customized with optional equipment enhancements, allowing you to create a system that perfectly aligns with your specific needs and workflow.




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