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Drawer machines : our gamma of solutions for the processing of drawer components

Drawer machines: Flexible solutions for every need

Friulmac empowers you to achieve flawless drawer production with a comprehensive suite of drawer machines solutions tailored for every drawer component. We understand the importance of flexibility and cater to diverse joining methods, ensuring optimal results regardless of your chosen technique.

Our machinery seamlessly handles the creation of drawer backs and sides, guaranteeing precision and consistency. From classic and reliable wood dowel joints to aesthetically pleasing dovetail or finger joints, we offer solutions that cater to both functionality and visual appeal.

Looking for the latest advancements in assembly? We also provide machinery that integrates seamlessly with popular quick-fit systems. This allows for efficient production and simplified furniture assembly for the end user.

Beyond individual components, Friulmac prioritizes a holistic approach. Our machinery can be integrated into a cohesive production line, optimizing workflow and maximizing output. This not only ensures consistent quality but also minimizes downtime and production bottlenecks.

We offer the tools and expertise to elevate your drawer production across the board, regardless of your specific needs or design preferences.

drawer machines for dovetail components production

Dovetail & box joint drawer machines


Dovetail joints and box joint are the hallmark of superior craftsmanship in drawer construction. They offer unmatched strength, stability, and a touch of timeless elegance. Friulmac empowers furniture makers to achieve this premium aesthetic with a comprehensive range of machinery specifically designed for dovetail drawer component production.

Furthermore, Friulmac prioritizes efficiency and ease of operation. Our dovetail drawer machines, incorporates automation and user-friendly controls, ensuring a streamlined production process with minimal operator intervention. This translates to increased production rates and unmatched consistency in joint quality.

Dowel joint drawer machines


For drawer components, the tried-and-true dowel joint remains a cornerstone of reliability. Here at Friulmac, we understand the importance of tradition, and we offer a range of high-performance drawer machinery specifically designed to streamline the dowel joint process.

Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to every step of the dowel joint creation, from drilling to dowel insertion. Advanced machining centers handle drilling tasks with high accuracy, ensuring perfect dowel alignment for a structurally stable joint. This translates to drawers that not only boast exceptional aesthetics but also withstand years of use.

drawer machines for dowel joint components production

Drawers back & side components


drawer machines line for back and side components production

For high-volume cabinet producers, efficiency in drawer component processing is crucial. Friulmac’s dedicated drawer machines component working center, offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your production workflow. This integrated system, streamlines the processing of both drawer backs and sides, maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime.

Friulmac understands that every cabinet manufacturer has unique requirements. Our drawer machines component working center can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you require a stand-alone solution or seamless integration with your existing production line, we can provide a tailored configuration.

Why choose a drawer machines from FRIULMAC?

At Friulmac, we understand the importance of flawless drawers in furniture manufacturing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of drawer solutions designed to deliver high precision, efficiency, and durability. Our commitment to innovation ensures you have access to cutting-edge technology that streamlines production and elevates the quality of your finished product.




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