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Cabinetry, all solutions for streamlining your workflow

Our solution for cabinetry components production

In today’s competitive cabinetry market, efficiency and precision are a must. Friulmac steps in as a trusted partner, offering a comprehensive range of woodworking machinery specifically designed to optimize high-volume and low volume cabinet component production.

Friulmac’s commitment to innovation translates to machinery that prioritizes both speed and accuracy. CNC machining centers, panel saws, edgebanders, and drills bridge boast intelligent features and automation capabilities, allowing for faster production cycles and consistent high-quality results.

Friulmac machines are renowned for their robust construction and unwavering reliability. Engineered with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, they are built to withstand the demands of high-volume production environments. This translates to minimal downtime and a maximized return on investment.

Friulmac takes pride in exceeding customer expectations. Their dedicated sales team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the optimal machinery configuration. Additionally, Friulmac offers comprehensive after-sales support, including in-house machine assembly and rigorous testing conducted in your presence. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth transition and guarantees the operation of your new equipment.

cabinerty exploded by componnets

Drawers front

Drawers box

Side panel

Cabinet door: five piece includes 2 stiles, 2 rails and one raised panel

Back panel

Face frame

Toe kick

Side panel and back panel for cabinet components

Our dedicated production line

cabinetry line for side panel and back panel production

Building cabinets in high volume requires machinery that can keep pace with demand while maintaining precision and quality. Friulmac offers a complete range of woodworking machinery specifically engineered to optimize the production of components. 

Modern work centers can be designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Depending on production needs, the work center can integrate various machinery combinations, including profiling, beam saws, edgebanders, and drilling bridge. This allows for customization and adaptation to evolving production demands.

Drawers back and drawers side, cabinetry components

Our dedicated processing line

cabinetry line for drawers back and side production

For high-volume cabinet producers, efficiency in drawer component processing is crucial. Friulmac’s dedicated drawer component working centers offers a complete solution to optimize your production workflow. This integrated system streamlines the processing of both drawer backs and sides, maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime.

Friulmac understands that every cabinet manufacturer has unique requirements. Our drawer component working centers can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you require a stand-alone solution or seamless integration with your existing production line, we can provide a tailored configuration.

cabinetry machines for drawers front dowetail production

Drawers front cabinet components

Our customised working centers

Friulmac offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to cater to your specific needs, from classic techniques to cutting-edge innovation.

Our machinery portfolio encompasses a spectrum of joining methods, allowing you to select the ideal solution for your specific requirements. For traditional aesthetics, classic wooden dowel coupling remains a viable and efficient option. For a more premium look, we offer solutions for dovetail and finger jointing, techniques renowned for their strength and visual appeal.

However, Friulmac understands the demands of modern manufacturing. That’s why we also provide the latest advancements in quick-coupling systems. These innovative technologies prioritize efficiency and ease of assembly, guaranteeing a flawless result without sacrificing speed.

Faceframe cabinetry components

Our dedicated working centers

Face frames are the foundation of any cabinetry, providing structural integrity and shaping the overall aesthetic. At Friulmac, we understand the importance of efficient and precise face frame component production. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline your workflow and deliver flawless results.

Our machinery portfolio features a range of high-performance working centers specifically optimized for face frame component processing. These machines excel at intricate milling operations, ensuring precise cutting, drilling, and dowel insertion for a perfect fit and a strong, reliable frame.

cabinetry line for faceframe production

Why choose a FRIULMAC machinary for your cabinetry components?

Experience the Friulmac difference in cabinetry component production. We offer a comprehensive range of machinery specifically tailored to your needs, backed by our extensive industry expertise to optimize your workflow.

Maximize your cabinetry component production with Friulmac’s high-performance machinery. Our solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional efficiency and quality, ensuring you meet even the most demanding deadlines.

Investing in Friulmac machinery is an investment in your cabinetry production future. Experience the difference of industry-leading technology, exceptional performance, and a commitment to your success.




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