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Our gamma of automatic crosscut saw machine

Automatic crosscut saw machine: your tailored solution awaits

Gone are the days of struggling with uneven or inaccurate cuts. We offer an automatic crosscut saw machine solutions specifically designed to deliver the clean, precise saw cuts you demand, regardless of your project’s complexity.

From standalone precision to integrated versatility:

  • Standalone Trim Saws: Ideal for individual cutting tasks, these versatile machines provide exceptional accuracy and control.
  • Linked Machine Lines: Maximize efficiency with seamlessly integrated trim saw lines, enabling high-volume production with minimal effort.
  • Multifunctional Machine Centers: Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. Our innovative centers combine sawing with other functionalities like drilling, routing, shaping, and dowel inserting, streamlining your entire process into one powerful unit.

Optimization at Your Fingertips:

Elevate your efficiency further with our optional equipment enhancements. These additions allow you to personalize your machine or production line, perfectly tailoring it to your specific needs and optimizing every aspect of your cutting process.

We understand that your journey to perfect saw cuts extends beyond just the equipment. That’s why we offer comprehensive support, including:

  • Expert Consultation: Our team of specialists is here to guide you in choosing the right solution and configuring it for optimal performance.
  • Seamless Integration: Benefit from our expertise in integrating your chosen machine or line into your existing workflow.
  • Ongoing Support: We are committed to providing ongoing technical assistance and support to ensure you achieve consistent success.

Automatic crosscut saw machine for small batch


This automatic crosscut saw machine delivers tear-free cuts for veneered moldings, drawer sides, and various furniture components. Its versatility shines with the multiple length function, allowing you to efficiently cut multiple piece lengths from a single material package.

Effortless Material Handling: The solution features a stock support for placing individual workpieces or entire packages. An NC-controlled stock feed seamlessly transfers them to the cutting station, minimizing manual intervention.

Scalable Integration: This automatic crosscut saw machine offers exceptional adaptability. It functions flawlessly as a standalone unit or seamlessly integrates into complete production lines. This makes it ideal for both small-scale and medium-volume furniture manufacturing operations.

Automatic crosscut saw machine for high volume


Designed to handle high production volumes, our automatic crosscut saw machine cater to diverse needs through a comprehensive range of loading systems. Whether your application demands basic material handling or complex automation, we have the perfect fit.

  • Simple Belt Loaders: Ideal for straightforward operations, these loaders efficiently feed material to the cutting station.
  • Advanced Systems with Stacking and Singulating Units: For enhanced production flow, these sophisticated systems automatically stack and separate cut pieces, minimizing manual intervention and optimizing downstream processes.

This tailored approach ensures optimal efficiency and flexibility. You can select the loading system that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow and production capacity.

Why choose a FRIULMAC cross-cutting solutions?

Friulmac solutions might be known for delivering clean and precise cuts, minimizing waste and ensuring consistent results in your cross-cutting operations. Our products could be known for lasting a long time with minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and overall running costs.

Friulmac incorporates advanced cutting technologies or features in their solutions, leading to faster cutting speeds, improved efficiency, or operator safety. We prioritize safety in their cross-cutting machinery, including features like blade guards, dust extraction systems, and emergency shut-off mechanisms.




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