Precision and reliability made affordable.

The QUADRAMAT-E series is composed of a solid arc-welded structure and is designed to meet all kind of needs of the fixture, furniture and panel processing industry. The QUADRAMAT-E is combined with many of the design features of the “S” line and it can therefore represent the best capital investment compromise that the present-day market can offer.

Principal characteristics:

  • Iron casting working unit support columns and gliding slides.
  • The accurate manufacturing of the sliding guides allows the transversal and vertical working unit regulation without mechanical locking.
  • Feeding chain built of hard casting steel components connected by steel pins mounted on long-life sealed and lubricated bearings.
  • Top pressure system with independent pneumatic pulleys. The pressure system applies a uniform pressure on the work-piece all along the machine length.
  • Broad working units selection for each kind of demand.
Scoring unit B-30
Jumping scoring unit B-31
Top and bottom scoring unit B-25
Jumping scoring/hogging unit B-32
Hogging unit B-33
Top and bottom hogging unit B-34
Jumping inclined scoring unit B-31 with brushless displacement
Jumping profiling unit J-31
Profiling unit J-30
Profiling unit J-30 with HSK80F quick tool changing system
Jumping profiling unit J-31 with HSK80F quick tool changing system
Profiling unit J-30 with following back-up block
Profiling unit J-30 with CNC automatic inclination setting
Multi-stack profiling unit J-34
CNC profiling unit J-36 with carousel quick tool changing system
Angle rounding unit J-39
CNC profiling unit to execute blind grooves
Flat edges belt sanding unit S-3
Shaped edges belt sanding unit S-7
Wheel sanding unit S-1 with quick wheel changing system and quick dust hood opening system
Top and bottom chamfering unit B-37
Working unit with NC axial and radial automatic positioning
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